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This proven system has two purposes:

1. It creates a massive payment to you within 30 to 40 days.
2. It creates a huge list of PayPal buyers for you to promote your products too.

Simple Procedure to Follow:

You get a list of 7 PayPal Email addresses listed from #1 to #7.
It doesn't matter who is on the list - what does matter is that YOU get on the list. Break free dive in!

Step 1. You pay £5 to EACH email in the list #1 to #7   = £35

            This is the current list:

            #1.             <-- Pay £5
            #2.             <-- Pay £5
            #3.             <-- Pay £5
            #4.       <-- Pay £5
            #5.             <-- Pay £5
            #6.             <-- Pay £5
            #7.             <-- Pay £5

Step 2. You remove the email at position #1 and move up the other 6 emails.

            Your New List should Look like this:

            #7.    YOUR PayPal EMAIL GOES HERE.

Step 3. You put your PayPal Email address in position #7.
Step 4. You send that New email text to a minimum of 40 people.

Step 5. Every time someone join's your team, you get paid £5.
              In about 30 to 40 day's you will be at position #1

With your PayPal Email address now at position #1, being seen by an estimated 650,000+ people if everyone sends out 40 emails.

Yes, you guessed it, not only are you getting paid £5 every time someone joins as you move up the listing to position #1, you have a huge final pay day before you are removed from the listing.
See Below in Step 2.

This is a Global universal system, anyone can be rich with The 5 Pound Project!

You need 4 things to get started to your Financial Freedom Today.

1.   An Email Address.
2.   A PayPal Account.
     (If you don't have a PayPal account go to it's free.)
3.   A desire to win.
4.   Send a minimum of 40 Emails
      (the more Emails you send the better it will be for you.)

Start Today! Otherwise, you will throw away over £390,000 in cash!

If you follow these above steps you will receive £390,000 in your PayPal account Guaranteed!

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Step 1.   You Send £5 Via PayPal too Each Email in the list
Click Each of the 7 PayPal Buttons below

Step 2.     Click Here to get the Email Text

Step 3.   You put your PayPal Email address in position #7.

Step 4.   Send 40+ Emails:

You have 2 options:
   1. Do Nothing, stay as you are now, broke.

OR     Your future is in your hands you can take control!

    2. Pay £5 send 40+ emails in 30 to 40 days Spend £390,000+ Guaranteed.   
Now you choose! This is FREE money Everyone benefits!

Step 1.

Here is how it works:

Step 1.   You Send £5 Via PayPal too Each Email in the list
Click Each of the 7 PayPal Buttons below

Step 2.

How this will effect you at position #7 and sending 40 Emails.

All figures are estimates to show potential earnings these could be more but also could be less. They depend on your hard work.

Step 3.

Let it cook as your PayPal Email address moves you get paid at each stage
up to the #1 position it normally takes around 30 to 40 days.

Spend Your FREE £1,679,610 Money!! Stunning!


Step 1.   You Send £5 Via PayPal too Each Email in the list
Click Each of the 7 PayPal Buttons below

Step 2.     Download the Email text!    Click Here

Step 3.    Put your PayPal Email at position #7, send to 40+ People - Your Done!

Step 4.    Now wait 30 to 40 Days for it to cook, then Spend the money!!

This is Better than Bitcoin!!
£35 to £1,679,610+ Fantastic!!

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