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Simple Proceedure to Follow:

You get a list of 7 PayPal Email addresses listed from #1 to #7.

Step 1. You pay $1 to the email in position #1
                  currently:    thinkwealthier@hotmail.com
Step 2. You remove the email at position #1 and move up the other 6 emails.
Step 3. You put your PayPal Email address in position #7.
Step 4. You send that New email text to a minimum of 40 people.
Step 5. You let that cook, for about 30 to 40 days.

By this time your PayPal Email address will have made it to position #1, being seen by an estimated 650,000+ people if everyone sends out 40 emails.

Yes, you guessed it, now that you are in position #1 you are getting paid $1 from everyone who see's that email and decides to start the process.

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You need 4 things to get started to your Financial Freedom Today.

1.   An Email Address.
2.   A PayPal Account.
     (If you don't have a PayPal account go to www.paypal.com it's free.)
3.   A desire to win.
4.   Send a minimum of 40 Emails
      (the more Emails you send the better it will be for you.)

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Step 1.   You Send $1 Via PayPal too thinkwealthier@hotmail.com
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Step 2.     Click Here to get the Email Text

Step 3.   You put your PayPal Email address in position #7.

Step 4.   Send 40+ Emails:

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Step 1.

Here is how it works:

So Stage 1. You Send $1 Via PayPal too thinkwealthier@hotmail.com
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Step 2.

Once you have made a payment of 1 Dollar to the first address of the list you will still have to do the following Stage in the final steps.

Of course, the address that was previously at #1 should now be removed, and the other email addresses should be moved up one position to put your
PayPal E-Mail Address at #7.

Your List should now look like this:

#1. rugbyrocks2019@gmail.com

#2. anthonymateer@gmail.com

#3. joshmateer97@gmail.com

#4. earlyriser35@gmail.com

#5. darko.genc@gmail.com

#6. arkov19@gmail.com


Click the link below to download your email text to send to your 40+ emails.

Don't forget to add your PayPal email address in position #7 before you send it. That's all you have to do!

Keep the number 40 in your head no less, 40 is a good number of people that you can easily reach on the Internet, hundreds and even thousands of them will emerge.

How this will effect you at position #7 and sending 40 Emails.

Step 3.

Let it cook as your PayPal Email address moves to the #1 position it normally takes around 30 to 40 days.

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Step 1.     Pay $1 to thinkwealthier@hotmail.com via PayPal
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Step 2.     Download the Email text!    Click Here

Step 3.    Put your PayPal Email at position #7, send to 40+ People - Your Done!

Step 4.    Now wait 30 to 40 Days for it to cook, then Spend the money!!

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